Align objects and change stack order in Storyline and PowerPoint using your number keypad.

As any experienced Storyline user can tell you, the align and distribute tools in Storyline (like “align left” or “move to front”) are used constantly. Sadly it also takes several mouse clicks to access these tools, which (when aggregated over time) proves to be a huge time suck.

My solution is to use the macro tool AutoHotKey to map these commands to the number keypad. I’ve placed the script below, feel free to grab a copy. To use the macro, you’ll need to download and install AutoHotKey. You’ll also have to use the Windows Spy program (bundled in AutoHotKey) to find the akh_class of your Storyline install, then modify the code.

You can purchase blank keyboard stickers similar to the ones shown from We labeled ours with a Sharpie, and (for the white ‘group/group all’ button) acrylic paint.


Using AutoHotKey macros we changed our numpad behavior so it can be used to align and re-order objects in Storyline and PowerPoint.